09 February 2011

Nerdy post

Last week I went shopping with a friend, and besides buying some kitchen tools that I needed, I also happened upon an item that I really didn't need, but couldn't help buying.

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade! Ahahah, I'm such a nerd, but I looooove the Harvest Moon games. What do you do in them? You keep a FARM! You've got to make produce grow, take care of livestock, and at the same time, save the village you live in, 'cause most of the time the Harvest Goddess is in some trouble or other which makes the land weird/unhappy. Corny? Kitschy? Addictive? YES!

I've been playing these games ever since I found the N64 version at my local video rental store, sitting alone on the bottom shelf, quite forgotten. I rented it, and my friend and I spent the whole night playing the damn game! Next thing we knew, we were at Toys'r'Us buying it for ourselves :P

So how could I resist when I saw the Wii version at the department store? I really, really couldn't. And that's why every evening since last Thursday, we've been non-existent, hidden away in my room, brushing our cows and watering our lettuce :P

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  1. i actually kinda little games like this! i thought you might be interested in entering my ELF 83-piece makeup palette and nail polish set giveaway!