21 March 2011

DIY shirt

I,ve decided to invest myself more into what I wear, and I started with a small project. I've had this cute but bland shirt for awhile, it was a real bargain, but I never wore it 'cause it was too plain. Now, a couple weeks ago, my studded belt broke, and I felt I couldn't let all those studs go to waste! And there i had it: the studs would be the perfect modification to make the plain shirt pop out!!!

So over the course of a few nights, I put the studs in the shirt, all the while watching old Gilmore Girls episodes. And I really like the result! I can't wait to wear this little darling out this summer =D

25 February 2011

Paris, je t'aime!

Here is another pretty picture I took during my year in Europe. Enjoy

Ahh, Paris! I was there for only 3 days, but I saw everything a first time tourist had to: Tour Eiffel, Arc du Triomphe, Musée du Louvre, Château de Versailles, Notre-Dame de Paris, etc... It was a busy few days, but I was very happy to have gotten the chance to visit the city!

16 February 2011


I'm pretty much a homebody. Every night after work, I come home, play video games, watch movies, surf the net, etc. I go shopping with friends every once in awhile, but it's rare for me to hit a club and all that.

However, there is one thing that is absolutely vital to my existence, and this thing is: Live concerts. If I don't have a show to look forward to, I get very depressed. Thank god I live in Montreal, and there's usually always at least one show to look forward to.

I actually attended 2 in the last week. On Feb. 7th, Linkin Park played at the Bell Center. I absolutely love these guys, and their live performance is always top notch. They give off such a nice vibe, like after 10 years they're still amazed at how much their fans love them, and I love them for that.

And yesterday, on Feb 15th, Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets made a stop at the Corona Theater to dazzle the audience with awesome music and accompanying burlesque show. It's always a blast to have a bunch of pretty girls dressed up in sparkly corsets prancing around a stage =D

And I've still got many shows to come this spring, so life is good!

09 February 2011

Nerdy post

Last week I went shopping with a friend, and besides buying some kitchen tools that I needed, I also happened upon an item that I really didn't need, but couldn't help buying.

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade! Ahahah, I'm such a nerd, but I looooove the Harvest Moon games. What do you do in them? You keep a FARM! You've got to make produce grow, take care of livestock, and at the same time, save the village you live in, 'cause most of the time the Harvest Goddess is in some trouble or other which makes the land weird/unhappy. Corny? Kitschy? Addictive? YES!

I've been playing these games ever since I found the N64 version at my local video rental store, sitting alone on the bottom shelf, quite forgotten. I rented it, and my friend and I spent the whole night playing the damn game! Next thing we knew, we were at Toys'r'Us buying it for ourselves :P

So how could I resist when I saw the Wii version at the department store? I really, really couldn't. And that's why every evening since last Thursday, we've been non-existent, hidden away in my room, brushing our cows and watering our lettuce :P

Amazing giveaway!

Ok so there is this UNBELIEVABLE giveaway going on over at Glamadazzle with so many products in the prize, it is worth 1140$ !!!!!!! You gotta check it out!

Need I say I am drooling all over this? Such amazing products from Nars and Urban Decay, and all those sets and WOAH! Just woah!!!

01 February 2011


Hello hello!

So today I just wanna share a picture I took at work, of a bunch of cupcakes I made for a young girl's birthday:

Hope you have something sweet to eat nearby!

Giveaways, weeeee

Hey hey! So quick before my next official post, I wanna talk about a few giveaways I'm entering, by cool girls around the Bloggerverse!

First off is Best Beauty Buys' giveaway

Next is Let's MakeYuUp's

Another one is Mirror Mirror on the Wall's giveaway

Here's another one, from KekeChristina

Another one is happening at StarryXuan
Giang at <333 Life is giving away the Katy Perry nailpolishes!

And Audrey Dao has an amazing giveaway as well