28 January 2011


I smell an addiction kicking in... A good one for me, but probably not my wallet... But I think I might just give in once ever few weeks, to LUSH!

I bought my first ever Lush product back in September, on the advice of a friend. I'd always thought the place smelled too much and never went in. But that particular friend has been a Lush fanatic for quite awhile, so when we were discussing skin problems, she told me I should get "Angels on Bare Skin" as a facial cleanser. I really hated the scent at first, as I really cannot stand lavender, BUT it did work wonders on my skin, so I got over it.

I ran out sometime in late November, and couldn't find the time to drop by Lush again, because they are all out of my way, and December was pretty hectic at work. Anyway, during that month and a half, I started breaking out, and my skin was behaving really bad... I had a feeling I needed mu Lush!2 weeks ago I found myself in a mall where one had opened recently, so I went and bought "Angels on Bare Skin" again, as well as a moisturizer "Imperialis" on the advice of the seller when I mentioned having trouble with my t-zone.

And today, I went back because I want to try out this solid shampoo "NEW!" that's supposedly very good for thin hair that's always falling. Hopefully it will help my hair get healthier. And as they were having a 50% off on the Christmas products, I grabbed a bath bomb "Crepitante"  and a bar soap "Pain de Neige" (couldn't find them on the english website...) which I can't wait to try... Will write about the products when I've had a chance to use them!


  1. uuuhhhhhh, je suis dans ton sidebar! :D

    Ouan, tout le monde en parle de LUSH.. Je sais pas si avec mon acne 100% terrible je pourrais l'utiliser et avoir des résultats...

  2. Et moi dans le tiens :P

    Je sais pas... ils ont certains produits dédiés aux peaux à problème, dans le fond je te conseillerais d'aller en boutique et leur demander un échantillon pour voir si ça fait à ta peau. Normalement ils sont bien contents de t'en donner ^^

  3. You should give the Aquamarina cleanser a try! I started out with Angels on Bare Skin and i found it still didn't help clear up my skin. Then again my skin is very dry and sensitive.

    I also recommend the new It's Raining Men shower gel. Smells SO good!

  4. Hey! Thanks for the comment!

    Well I just bought a buttload of Angels on Bareskin (enough to last me at least 3 months) but I might try Aquamarina next time! I'll check it out for sure, thanks!