21 January 2011


Next month I'm getting my hair cut and dyed, and my ideal shade would be like this girl's:

So pretty *-*

I've been wanting purple hair for a long time, but I've been dying it black for the last 8 years, as the black never comes out... I've had to grow it out, but it wasn't so bad, I put some plum-ish colour in it, so that it's not black anymore, but still pretty dark. Plus it's almost purple :P

So it's taken almost a year, and the black is now only from below my ears down, and next month I'm taking the leap! I might still have black tips, but it'll probably look really cool with the purple ^^

Oh and here's one the haircuts that are one my mind...

Cate Blanchett, not Harrison Ford, mind you :P

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